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9.5kg Equivalent HEAVY DENSITY - $159 per lineal meter


4 Luxurious Colours






Domestic or Commercial

Cut pile carpets work extremely well for a whole house type carpet (but
are perfectly fine for commercial applications too). 


Solution Dyed Super Eco-Stalon Fibre

Our Eco-Stalon fibre performs well, if not better, than many other fibres.

See the chart below to see how our Eco-Stalon fibre compares:



Cut Pile

This is a Cut pile carpet - one of the most popular styles of carpet today
and tend to be more pleasant underfoot and to the touch than their loop
pile carpet counterparts.

Our plush luxury style carpet are particulary appealing and stylish.


Lifetime Insect Resistance

This carpet has 100% resistance to carpet beetle and other insects.


UV Resistance

Tested over 2 years, with sections of the same carpet piece cut up and half
placed in sun and half stored

No change in colour or texture.

Highly resistant to colour loss and other atmospheric conditions.


Lifetime Anti-Static Protection

A permanent anti-static treatment embedded into the solution dyed fibre. 


Easy to Clean - Can use Bleach or Soap and Water


Stain Resistant

This carpet has strong anti-soiling properties, with protection from everyday
stains and spills.


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